Welcome to Kadoodle Kafe

Welcome to Kadoodle Kafe! My name is Randy Saller. I have been an educator for 25 years of elementary school aged children. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to create a safe Christian website that children can visit for learning and enjoyment. It troubles me that our children are being forced to grow up too quickly and that there are fewer and fewer safe places for them to simply be children. Although I am not a big advocate of screen time, I do know that cyberspace is a place where children in this day and age are spending more and more time. My hope is to open up an online neighborhood where children can not only feel welcome, but respected and cared for.


If this is your first time at the Kadoodle Kafe, I want to thank you for coming. Here are some of the items on the menu with a brief explanation of what to expect.


Pea Story Soup

Children will find simple stories with whimsical illustrations by the multi-talented Sadie Joy Saller. Sadie is a self taught artist. Pea Story Soup is recommended for peas (ages 3 through 6). Beginning readers can read the stories independently, while younger children can snuggle with a parent and enjoy listening to it read aloud.

Carrot Story Soup

Founder of Kadoodle Cafe Randy Saller writes and illustrates stories about characters created by King Kadoodle, a lion who loves to doodle. Kadoodle brings to life the most interesting characters, including the lovable and impish Jennette the Space Cadet and Wild Willie, the outlaw that keeps law and order with a squirt gun. These stories are recommended for carrots (ages 7-11).

Beef Stew Crew

Do you want to be part of our beef stew crew? All you have to do is try to make some of our original recipes. Our hope is that this these simple recipes will inspire kids to be active participants in the kitchen.

Ask T-Bone

Do you ever have questions about life and God. Many children do. The old, wise dog T-bone is full of Biblical wisdom and publishes questions written by young readers, along with his own original answers (with a little help from his friends) from a Christian perspective.

Poetry Pie

Every month we showcase a famous Christian poet and invite children to write their own poems. We will select 6 poems (3 from 3-6 age group and 3 from the 7-11 age group) to publish.

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